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At The Aesthetic Edge we provide you the best Skin treatments. Our clinic only have Doctors who will do all your treatments. We have over 2000+ happy Patients with Over 380+ 5⭐️ reviews on Google. We provide a personalised treatment plans to achieve optimal results and ensure patient satisfaction with Visible results after each visit.

At The Aesthetic Edge we provide you the best Skin treatments. Our clinic only have Doctors who will do all your treatments. We have over 2000+ happy Patients with Over 380+ 5⭐️ reviews on Google.

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I have taken Hydrafacial package for myself and my wife. We are working professionals so don't get time to take care of our skin. This is one of the best clinics we have been to.

Reena Patient Feedback
Reena Patient

I got my skin tanning after moving to Bangalore and with the help of Dr. Nancy I am able to get rid of it. Thanks doc and love your sweet and helpful nature 🙂

HImanshu Patient feedback
Himanshu Patient

I have taken a wedding package of Fat reduction and Laser Hair removal. I am satisfied with the results so far.

Ranjana Patient Feedback
Priyanka Patient

"The doctors here are one of the best that I've seen. Very humble and helpful. It's affordable too."

Faiyaz Fatient

Note: Our 12 Step Signature Hydra Facial @ ₹2999. Limited slots only

Hydra-Medi Facial

Allow your skin to breathe from within with the Hydra-Medi Facial Treatment offered by The Aesthetic Edge. This comprehensive facial treatment platform is designed to purify and refresh your skin, delivering a youthful, fresh, and naturally radiant appearance. With its 3-in-1 approach, this medi-facial treatment nourishes and oxygenates the skin, offering a holistic solution for rejuvenation.

What is Hydra-Medi Facial?

The Hydra-Medi Facial harnesses the natural power of oxygenation, combined with the anti-aging benefits of Tripollar Radio Frequency, and further amplified by Ultrasound. This innovative combination offers immediate visible skin improvement along with long-term rejuvenating effects. The Hydra-Medi facial treatment addresses a range of skin-related concerns in three distinct steps, providing comprehensive comfort and care.

Infusion: Cleansing the skin while infusing it with nutrient-rich active ingredients for enhanced brightness and improved texture.

Exfoliation: Eliminating dead cells and priming the skin for the absorption of active nutrients.

Oxygenation: Concluding the process by oxygenating the skin, facilitating optimal absorption of active ingredients and promoting internal healing.

Benefits of Hydra-Medi Facial Treatment

Reduction in Ageing Signs

Enhances skin texture, diminishes wrinkles, and minimizes fine lines.

Enhances Skin Complexion

Restores a radiant glow to the skin and promotes an even skin tone.

Anti-Inflammatory and Anti-Bacterial Benefits

Eliminates blackheads, whiteheads, and other blemishes.

Smooth, Silky, and Nourished Skin

The deep exfoliation process aids in eliminating pore-clogging skin cells.

Removes Acne!

Assists in purifying the skin and minimizing acne bumps.

Moisturised Glowing Skin

Moisturizes the skin and alleviates dry, scaly, and dehydrated skin.

The Aesthetic Edge Hydra-Medi Facial Treatment Process

Side Effects & Precautions for Hydra-Medi Facial Treatment

Possible outcomes could involve experiencing mild redness and itching on the skin, which typically resolves promptly. The Hydra-Medi Facial treatment has the potential to exacerbate sunburn or a rash. If the procedure is performed on an active skin condition such as rosacea, it may worsen the existing condition.

Apart from these concerns, the treatment generally poses minimal risk for most individuals. It's important to disclose all medical records to the aesthetician. However, this procedure is not suitable for pregnant women.

FAQs for Hydra-Medi Facial Treatment

The Hydra-Medi Facial surpasses a regular facial by deeply hydrating the skin. It not only diminishes the visibility of wrinkles, brown spots, and fine lines but also enhances elasticity, resulting in an overall improvement in the skin’s appearance.

While this treatment is entirely safe with no downtime, it’s recommended to wait a few days before engaging in exercise. Holding off on working out allows your skin to regenerate, ensuring that you maintain that radiant glow for an extended period.

A significant number of clients notice visible skin refinement and an even, radiant skin tone after just one treatment! However, for consistent and lasting results, we recommend undergoing one session per month. This approach helps address concerns such as fine lines, wrinkles, brown spots, and oily or congested skin.

The results may endure for up to a month, contingent upon the strict adherence to at-home care. The duration of the treatment’s lasting effects relies on your skin type and specific concerns. Typically, the benefits of smooth skin and improved hydration can last for several weeks. Nevertheless, to achieve enduring results, multiple sessions are recommended.

After a Hydra-Medi Facial, you’ll observe smoother, glowing skin, possibly with a more even skin tone. The effects are instantly noticeable, and there are typically no external signs of discomfort.

The Hydra-Medi Facial procedure is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. Even the most delicate skin can tolerate this treatment well. Your doctor or skincare specialist will customize the procedure to address your specific skin conditions and requirements.

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  • Specializes in innovative and scientifically advanced treatments.
  • Provides high-quality care backed by cutting-edge technology.
  • Focuses on delivering effective and personalized solutions for aesthetic treatments.

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Shilpadass Shilu
Shilpadass Shilu
I recently started my session at Aesthetic edge.. The Doctor and staffs are very friendly and they guided me well and been a great support so far.. Had a good experience hope I get my desired results soon post completion of all the sessions.. I would suggest people to check the clinic as they are result oriented too.
Rahul Agarwal
Rahul Agarwal
Customer friendly, reasonable and good ambience
Mariela Ramo
Mariela Ramo
I came here on the recommendation of a friend. We're both from Brazil and underwent dental procedures. It's a good clinic with clear before and after steps, and the staff follow up well. The doctor is highly knowledgeable and offers various options to choose from. While some soothing music would have been nice, overall, it was a very positive experience. I would definitely recommend it to my friends and family.
Black Eyes Gaming
Black Eyes Gaming
Great experience
Nithin S
Nithin S
I was really worried about my hair as I was going through a major hair fall. One of my Cousins suggested me to visit The Aesthetic Edge clinic , and went through a PRP. Now I'm no more worried about my hair, as The Aesthetic Edge is there to take care of all of it. Loving the amazing results
I have done hydra facial treatment in The Aesthetic Edge . I am happy with the staffs behaviour. Staffs are knowledgeable and professional. My face became hydrated and soft. Go for a Hydra facial because #Facelife #Facefirst
Akash Dave
Akash Dave
Good Clinic's and Doctor